Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Are Here, Jerk

I'm pretty wit-deficient at the moment, what with Bulls v. Cavs Game 4 dominating my brain. Two thoughts regarding the same:

(1) Delonte West makes me very, very sad
(2) Poohdini and Leandro Barbosa should race, preferably in some kind of charity potato sack race around Millennium Park

Here's the deal: there's brand-new shit to read at Literary Tonic, a tweener piece (long flash/very short story?) called "The Multiverse." LT has a sharp, clean look, not unlike a Johnny Gill flattop circa '91, and plenty of quality reads. Show 'em some love and toss some nouns and verbs their way.


  1. yo i hear the flash fiction editor at jmww is dying to get a sub from you. yo.

  2. schweet. you best not be teasin' or dissin'.

  3. done deal- just tossed some new words your way, hope they're to your liking.

    heartbroken for the okc thunder at the moment. had that shit in the bag last night, or so it seemed.