Friday, April 2, 2010


It's only fitting that, today being Good Friday and all, I've got JC on the brain. I'm of course speaking of Jimmy Christmas, the titular deceased hero of "Jimmy Christmas is Dead," my latest offering (read it here, at Wigleaf). An examination of grief and suburban cheesecake the whole family will enjoy. Many thanks to Scott for the nod- feel a bit like Christian Laettner on the Dream Team, as in "not sure how I got here but happy as shit that I did."

Happy Easter/Belated Pesach.


  1. holy shit not only do i love the story but then you go and make a christian laettner/dream team reference. i've decided that i will not stop writing or die until i get into wigleaf. that vow, and my wife/kids, keeps me going. and, yeah, people are fucking idiots.

  2. and holy crap your 3:AM story is even better than your wigleaf story. That ninja turtle character is one of the funniest characters i've read about in a long time. i'll be laughing about that dude reading his book, trying to look like he fits in, for a while, a long while. ah, the power of the internet. i never heard your name and after reading two of your stories i'm a huge fan. gonna link to your blog now so i can keep track of you. shit, i hope that doesn't sound creepy.

  3. you're way, way too kind, david! the props are much appreciated, no doubt. and i hear you re: wigleaf- i made the same vow to get in at all costs and lucked out.

    and i'm glad the laettner reference didn't categorically turn everything to shit.

  4. ha, laettner's pro career may have been shit but your comment certainly wasn't. the thing about him is that the image i'll always have of him is hitting that shot against kentucky. talk about indelible.

    big time congrats on wigleaf, dude, and so nice to be in touch. i realized after my posts that i HAD heard of you...from your dogz piece. can't wait to read more of your work. i've been in a colossal funk and your stories are just what i need to remember why in the hell i keep at this writing thing.

  5. dude, by the looks of your blog you've had plenty motivation on the writing tip- so, so many stories out there! definitely looking forward to checking them out. and it's funny you bring up dogzplot, b/c i totally recognize your name from one of the flash issues. barry's a stand-up dude to work with, for sure.

    btw- noticed you're a lawyer. i too am an esq. nothing could be a bigger motivator than getting out of our profession, toot sweet. chicago is a legal black hole to the nth degree these days.