Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TC'ing Some B

Congrats to Duke for ruining 2010's Feel Good Story of the Year last night. I had a feeling Butler's "luck" (can you really call holding all of your opponents to under 60 PPG throughout the entire NCAA Tournament "luck," though?) would run out and the universe would realign itself but, damn, what a game. Even better than KU/Memphis in '08.

But let's cut to the chase- there's enough hoops talk on this blog to satisfy Rony Seikaly's scholarly pursuits well into the 2020's. New shit to read at Amphibi.us ("Administrative Professionals Day"), a Mad Men-inspired foray into the world of workplace sexism. That, and Chicago-based Harrison Ford movies from the early-'90s. Many thanks to Shannon for the inclusion.


  1. Mad Men is a great show. Ha, HF movies outta Chicag from the early 90's...i'm thinking the Fugitive. Cant' wait to get on this one tonight.

  2. just realized i totally crossed the streams when it comes to the ford flicks- subconsciously inserted the fugitive where patriot games should've been. an egregious, unforgivable error- hope it didn't ruin the story for you.