Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Please Get Your Shit Out of the Drier. Now.

Seriously. Every time I go down to the basement, the drier's crammed to the gills with your tubesocks and American Eagle boardshorts. Remember: your typical North American wash/dry cycle lasts about an hour. Make an Outlook calendar appointment, set an alarm clock, whatever it takes. Just come get your shit.

Fresh words at Indood, a flash piece that goes by the name of "Downstairs Neighbor Ben and The Girlfriend," concerning neighborly eavesdropping. Don't front, you do it too. Thanks to Roger for the nod.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baseball Bats 'n Proline Hats

This has nothing to do with anything. Or, it has everything to do with awesomeness. Your call. Note the conspicuous absence of Ice Cube.

"You Crazy" is all up in the new issue of Shalla Magazine, so get your ass over to Amazon and execute a secured transaction. Thanks to Shalla DeGuzman and company for committing one of my sentimental faves to paper.