Friday, December 31, 2010

Too Much Is Not Enough

You know it. The Forester Sisters and The Bellamy Brothers know it. So, why fight it?

Two new short stories goin' up... now. First, check out "Someday I Will Marry Cinnamon van der Laan and Our Life Together Will Be Incredible" over at Bartleby Snopes, should you be in the mood for a tale of yearning, longing, and trace amounts of pining. Then, once you've returned to homeostasis, pay the fine folks at 5923 Quarterly a visit so you can peruse "Ornithology," a yarn concerning birds and filial piety.

May your NYE be a joyous celebration of wines and spirits, the human body, and, if time allows, Time Cop.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

You Can Count On Me

The fourth night of Hannukah 2010 is rapidly approaching. Why don't you give the gelt a rest tonight and give your loved ones Issue 10 of The Toucan*, wherein they'll find "Denny," a literary latke that's equal parts Maury and the minor works of Steve Guttenberg? There's only one dad in it, and it's not Greg Evigan, but...

*Issue 10 is available not only in electronic format (perfectly-good) but full-color print (absolutely gorgeous) as well. Pony up for the latter and support Editrices Liz and Laura and their ongoing efforts to keep real-ass copies of The Toucan on the streets.