Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

No one understood the pain of returning to work after the holidays quite like Soul II Soul:

This sucks.

It definitely does not suck, however, when the stand-up dudes and dudettes at Red Fez include your story in Issue 25:


Read "Curtis," an ode to that dude from high school, the dude you probably just ran into at a shitty bar in your hometown on Christmas Eve Eve and liked more in fifteen minutes of drunken nostalgia than you did in your four years combined.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning, Praise the Dawning

Normally I'd never advise anyone, under any circumstances, to go into work on a Sunday morning unless you (a) took an inordinate amount of trucker speed the night before and haven't quite come down or (b) are escaping an abusive lover with above-average knife skills, but if you happen to work in Downtown Chicago I'd highly recommend you give it a try sometime- there's a quiet calm to the city, and the Bears can't disappoint you until noon.

But enough hippie talk. On the subject of Downtown, peruse a new Six Sentences post called "You Can't Surf Lake Michigan" at your leisure:


Be sure to check out the other terrific pieces at 6S- Rob runs a tight ship, one of the best in the lit mag game, and you shan't be disappointed.