Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning, Praise the Dawning

Normally I'd never advise anyone, under any circumstances, to go into work on a Sunday morning unless you (a) took an inordinate amount of trucker speed the night before and haven't quite come down or (b) are escaping an abusive lover with above-average knife skills, but if you happen to work in Downtown Chicago I'd highly recommend you give it a try sometime- there's a quiet calm to the city, and the Bears can't disappoint you until noon.

But enough hippie talk. On the subject of Downtown, peruse a new Six Sentences post called "You Can't Surf Lake Michigan" at your leisure:

Be sure to check out the other terrific pieces at 6S- Rob runs a tight ship, one of the best in the lit mag game, and you shan't be disappointed.

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