Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let Me Lick You Up and Down 'Til You Say Stop

Today being Our Nation's Day of Love, there's little time for chit-chat. There are desserts to be savored and special ladies to freak. So, stock up on Mr. Bubble and Tott's and get at it.

New shit to read at Zygote in My Coffee:

This is the first piece of mine to be accepted for publication, way back in August of Ought Nine. Now I know what dads feel like on Graduation Day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Are You Reasonably-Prepared for Some (American) Football?

Someone once said that history that is written by the victors. Apparently, the '88 Eagles never got that memo, as I'm pretty sure the Redskins took Super Bowl XXII. Still, they managed to compose "Buddy's Watching You," arguably just below "The Super Bowl Shuffle" on the football-rap depth chart. The Eagles crew do take first-prize in the Most Coogi Sweaters and/or Kool Moe Dee Leather Get-Ups in One Video category, however.

In the spirit of Sunday's Super Bowl XLIV, read "The Day I Went Temporarily Blind," a story that has absolutely nothing to do with football, just posted at IsGreaterThan:

Paul and company are gaining momentum and quietly putting together one of the most ambitious mags in Chicago, a city full of 'em. (Insert Shameless Plug #37 for Michael Zapata's "Last Evenings on Earth" column. Full disclosure: he's my boy.)

Super Bowl Prediction: Drew Bress is pulled in the fourth quarter and replaced by Bobby Hebert's twelve-year old son, Mitch, in one of the most confounding substitutions in NFL history.