Friday, May 7, 2010

Cry Me a Lagoon

Today's the wrong day to have anything precipitation-related in a post title, as Chicago's currently on the receiving end of its first serious t-storm beatdown of the season. The perfect day to say indoors and indulge your sadsack side...

Speaking of, get your read on over at Thieves Jargon, where your dude's "Lil' Danny Sadsack" is batting lead-off for Issue #199. A hearty lit bouillabaisse of self-loathing, NPR potshots, and early-'90s chick flick references. This is the second piece that Mr. Dan Scannell at TJ has whipped into fine shape for me- a nicer, more patient/skilled editor you will not meet. So, quit putzing around and hook him up.

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